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I have created Filter with this code:

saveFileDialog1.FileName = "SimplifiedLog";
saveFileDialog1.Filter = "RichTextFormate | *.rtf |Text Files | *.txt |All Files| *.*";
saveFileDialog1.Title = "Save Simplified KL File";

The problem is that every time I select any filter (Other than the selected one) it adds extension in the previous one. See Picture below:Unwanted Filters

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I would remove the superfluous spaces. –  Patrick Hofman May 4 at 10:29
how to remove superfluous spaces –  Uzair Ali May 4 at 10:33
I put it in a short answer. –  Patrick Hofman May 4 at 10:34

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You should remove the spaces:

saveFileDialog1.Filter = "RichTextFormate|*.rtf|Text Files|*.txt|All Files|*.*"; 

The spaces after and before | are evaluated as is, so you should not add them if not necessary.

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Ok so spaces causes all the problems Thanks for Help –  Uzair Ali May 4 at 10:37
I added spaces because it look clean and nicer without considering that it cause problem –  Uzair Ali May 4 at 10:39

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