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If I include "HelloWorld.h" into TestViewController.mm it compiles well. When I include "HelloWorld.h" into TestViewController.h it prompts an error: 'iostream' file not found.

My HelloWorld.h code is a simple standard cpp file.

#ifndef __MixedCppTest__HelloWorld__
#define __MixedCppTest__HelloWorld__

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

class HelloWorld {

#endif /* defined(__MixedCppTest__HelloWorld__) */
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Objective-C and C++ are not compatible. You'll need to use Objective-C++. –  Mat May 4 at 10:53
Additional I can change Compile Source As to Objective-c++, but there is another way to solve it?? –  headwindx May 4 at 10:53

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When I include "HelloWorld.h" into TestViewController.h it prompt error: 'iostream' file not found….

Is there any Objective-C files which imports TestViewController.h? At the stage of preprocessing header file becomes a part(along with the source file) of a translation unit, and if you're asking to include such header (with c++ libraries inclusion and c++ class definition) to Objective-C source file - then no, it's impossible. If you searching a way to compile and link .cpp and .m source files to one binary, you could make .mm wrapper unit to wire them together.

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The key is if you import cpp file indirectly, you should change all files to objective-c++ compiled mode on the import chain. My problem is AppDelegate.m is not be changed to .mm –  headwindx May 7 at 9:48
Are you trying to solve any specific problem or just making a reconnaissance? In the second case it's easy to set yourself an unsolvable task which just do not have to be solved at all. –  bigblackdot May 7 at 10:34

you can use macros

#ifdef __cplus
 // TODO Code

Reference: Link

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Thanks, but Which file I mentioned to use these macros? I need use HelloWorld class. –  headwindx May 4 at 11:33
in .h file. I have also put the reference link. Please visit it. –  abmussani May 4 at 12:43
I tried, but it's no use. –  headwindx May 5 at 2:34
it should be __cplusplus –  Bryan Chen May 7 at 5:17
Thank your solution, but I wanna use some enum in this cpp file.It only works in some time. It's not the problem's essence. –  headwindx May 7 at 9:44

Thanks http://stackoverflow.com/users/635608/mat 's answer.

It has only one standard solution, that's make compiler knows about specified sources should be compiled as objective-c++.

There are only 3 ways:

  1. change .m to .mm

  2. change Type to Objective-c++ in Utilities panel in xcode editor.

  3. change "Compile sources as" to objective-c++

If you import cpp file indirectly, you should change all files to objective-c++ compiled mode on the import chain.

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So your solution is to compile all your Objective-C files as Objective-C++? That is a poor solution and better solutions are available. –  trojanfoe May 7 at 9:43

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