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I am writing a paper using the ACM template which capitalizes every letter in the section title. I would like to escape a letter to make it lowercase, is this possible? I tried {p} as would be done to capitalize a letter in a bibliography with no luck.

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You can use the \lowercase{} command to force a letter to be lowercase, a la:

\showuc{Hello There} \\
\showuc{Hello \lowercase{T}here} \\
\showuc{Hello Th\lowercase{e}re}

If this isn't effective in conjunction with the ACM template command, could you post which ACM template and which command/environment you're using?

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That did it thanks. – Bryan Ward Feb 26 '10 at 23:55

Slightly off topic, but see if you can convince your SIG to change to the ACM SIGPLAN LaTeX class. It fixes a lot of things that are terribly broken in the horror that was foisted on ACM members some 10 years ago.

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\uppercase{xx \lowercase{x} yy}
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\uppercase and \lowercase do not work very well in all situations, they do for example not deal very well with non-American characters. David Carlisle’s textcase package seems to solve many of the problems. See Case-changing oddities – HelloGoodbye Aug 17 '12 at 13:50

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