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I am trying to get my head around prototypal inheritance by using the Chrome Developer Console. This is the code I use to set up the Prototype Chain:

var Organism = Object.create(null);
var Animal = Object.create(Organism);
var Mammal = Object.create(Animal);
var Dog = Object.create(Mammal);
var Spot = Object.create(Dog);

I can add some properties to the Organism and the Mammal Objects:

Mammal.hasHair = true;
Organism.hasHair = false;

Next I define some variables for the Dog object:

Dog.numLegs = 4;
Dog.speak = function(){return 'woof, woof!';};
function (){return 'woof, woof!';}

Finally I define some variables for Spot

Spot.color = 'White';
Spot.pattern = 'Spots';
Spot.patternColor = 'Black';
Spot.weight = 22

However for some reason when I inspect the Dog Object It outputs the properties like this and I cannot see it's prototype...

Object {color: "White", pattern: "Spots", patternColor: "Black", weight: 22}

Or If I try this I still cannot see it's prototype...

color: "White"
pattern: "Spots"
patternColor: "Black"
weight: 22

If I am not mistaken, should I not have a property called _proto_ which will point to the prototype of the Dog Object which is Mammal? How can I inspect the Object to see this Property?

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BTW, it's __proto__ (two underscore on each side), not _proto_. –  Qantas 94 Heavy May 4 at 12:40

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You need to create the first object by using the prototype of the Object constructor like so:

var Organism = Object.create(Object.prototype);

Creating an object with null as the prototype will create an object with no properties at all including _proto_

for a more in depth look into Object.create check out: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/create

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That solved it, many thanks. Will take a look at that link –  Javacadabra May 4 at 12:41

Using var Organism = new Object(null); etc does create a prototype object, and works as expected.

Don't entirely have my head around this, but it appears this is due to a prototype not being created without a constructor. So, in constructing new Object() you create a prototype. However, Object.create() only returns an object, and if you try new Object.create() it's clear this is not a constructor.

Worth reading into constructors and prototypes: http://tobyho.com/2010/11/22/javascript-constructors-and/

I'd welcome a more thorough answer, since I would also have expected a prototype in the returned object. Having followed your steps, I replicated the same result.

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