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I have been working on this issue for hours .Since I haven't got a real device I am using emulators. I have created an sdcard with command mksdcar under this location C:\msd.img.So I am able to add some data to sdcard using push command(I cant just drag and drop for now I dont know why??)Hovewer as you all know emulators are very slow so I have decided to use an Android image The problem is whenever try to insert any data to my sdcard .This error apperars.

failed to copy 'C:/sss.jpg' to '/mnt/sdcard/sss.jpg': Read-only file system

I am not familiar with linux.I did a google search but I'm stumped.

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stackoverflow.com/a/3296673/1276374 mount -o remount rw /sdcard –  Mocialov Boris May 4 at 15:26
thank you so much –  user3468916 May 4 at 17:31

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