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I would like to export click coordinates on an image to a text file, for processing later in another application. Example of format below, will be easy to manipulate once generated of course.

101, 25
200, 31
77, 252

Ideally in Photoshop but actually if I just position the image at 0,0 on my screen, I would be able to use an Windows application to do this, so I think either is fine.

Does anyone know a Photoshop Plugin / Windows application to do this?

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I am not certain about specific applications for any location on a screen, however, there are quite a few img map tools available that may be able to help you with an export of the coordinates.

This tool is by far the most versatile that I have found:

"Summer" HTML img Map

Here are a few other tools I have used:

...Also, there are a few firefox plugins you can install to help with click areas... you may be able to get the coordinates in a txt file from them:

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img Map looks great thanks – Moz May 6 '14 at 13:26

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