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I have an Nvidia CUDA support GPU device installed. My requirement is to run an openCL application on my GPU. Can I do it independent from Nvidia Cuda SDK?

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Q: Can you run OpenCL with NVIDIA? A: Sure. Q: Can I do it without installing any NVIDIA SDK dependencies? A: At a minimum, you must do this: docs.nvidia.com/cuda (all platforms), docs.nvidia.com/cuda/… (Windows). Here's a link for Ubutnu: orbigo.net/2012/07/…;. Q: What platform are you on? What compiler are you using? –  FoggyDay May 4 '14 at 18:20
I'm working on linux platform. Is cuda-toolkit enough to run openCL? –  Lahiru May 4 '14 at 18:29

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You only need NVIDIA GPU drivers installed to run binaries that have OpenCL support. libOpenCL.so is included with the drivers.

In order to compile the applications you will also need OpenCL headers. Those may come from CUDA Toolkit, from a separate package (like opencl-headers for Ubuntu), or you can just download them from the Khronos site (keep in mind that NVIDIA implements version 1.1 of OpenCL specification).

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