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We have many small applications running on a server running Windows Server 2003, such as Windows/NT Services, scheduled tasks, etc.

Recently, the server was changed to a clustered server with two nodes, administered with Microsoft Cluster Administrator, and upon installing an application requiring a reboot, we discovered that the reboot caused a fail-over to the other node of the cluster, and the application was not available on the other node.

I've moved the original version of this question over to ServerFault as suggested by moderators, but I'm also wondering if there are established application design patterns that lend themselves to deployment in a clustered environment, such that they are available (and application updates are synchronized) on all nodes in the cluster?

There seems to be a lot of documentation on setting up clusters, but I'm having a hard time finding resources on how to design simple .NET applications for deployment to a clustered server environment. Perhaps I'm not asking the right questions...

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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