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I need a mail client library (IMAP and SMTP) for Windows Phone 8 or another alternative (like TcpClient, SslClient in Windows 8, but I don't get in Windows Phone 8). I google a lot. Please let me know any library or Article/Tutorial to implement IMAP and SMTP mail client on Windows Phone 8.

Thanks in Advance.

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Doesn't SmtpClient work on Windows Phone 8? As for IMAP there are a few libraries around... not sure how good they are. –  Gigi May 4 at 22:31
No, SmtpClient is not available in Windows Phone 8. I already tried that. And for IMAP there is a tutorial to implement IMAP with TcpClient and SslClient, but These two TcpClient and SslClient also not available in Windows Phone. and not any additional library found. –  Raghav Narang May 5 at 18:06
WP8 doesn't even have TcpClient? Then I suppose you'll need to use sockets, assuming they are available. I'm very much interested in learning what WP8 supports since I'm writing my own IMAP library. –  Gigi May 5 at 19:17
If you were targeting Windows Phone 8.1, you could use MailKit, but unfortunately, my MIME parser uses pointers which are not supported on Windows Phone 8 –  jstedfast May 5 at 19:28
No problem, I love the .NET community and wanted to give back the very best email library I could write :-) –  jstedfast May 7 at 1:19

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You can work with sockets in Windows Phone 8. Apparently there is a new Windows.Networking.Sockets API you can try using, but the classic one based on System.Net.Sockets should still work - here's an example.

You'd still have to implement IMAP and SMTP yourself though, unless some functionality already exists that we haven't spotted yet.

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