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hFind = FindFirstFile(TEXT("C:\\Users\\*********\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2008\\Projects\\dreamwork\\dreamwork\\abc\\*"), &ffd);
        wcout << ffd.cFileName << " -- ";
        ifstream    inputFile (ffd.cFileName, ios::in);
        wstring     outName = TEXT("working\\");
        outName += ffd.cFileName;
        ofstream outFile (outName);
        if (inputFile.is_open())
                       // files in abc directory are not opened for reading..
            cout << "Unable to open file" << endl;
    }while(FindNextFile(hFind, &ffd) != 0);
    cout << "could not find 1st file only" << endl;

But if I change the base path to "C:\\Users\\*********\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2008\\Projects\\dreamwork\\dreamwork\\*, files are opened for reading..

Why is that so? Is it something related to access rights? But I am admin of my own sys.. What is it am I doing wrong?

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Have you checked the file name that fails? Not everything you get from FindFirstFile/FindNextFile is a file name - you might get a subdirectory instead.

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yeah.. that is being checked.. files like ., .., directories do not open which is as expected; but there are some html files, some very simple .txt files, which should open.. and not opening.. – oh_dear_i_love_coding May 4 '14 at 22:05

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