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i wanna know , how i can check in any linux distro

If i am inside an "Xorg / XFree86 / XSystem / Mir / Wayland" session

and if yes im under Xsession run commands and if not run commands in cli mode

you understand me?

i try with things like

xtty=`w -hs | awk '{print $2}' | sort -u | sed 's/^[tty \t]*//' | sed -n '$p'` && echo "tty X(org/Free86/System) = $xtty"

But this just for know in where tty im .

In some distros , the Graphics Mode are in tty1 , or tty5 , tty6,tty7 But i wanna know if in that tty im logged , and if im in a graphical session

Someone can help me with this plz ???

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I'm pretty sure on X and wayland (just guessing on MIR based on the source code):

[ "$DISPLAY" ] || [ "$WAYLAND_DISPLAY" ] || [ "$MIR_SOCKET" ] && echo graphical environment
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