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I'm making an image editor using pyGame and I was wondering if it was possible to change the mouse cursor to something more suitable (for instance a circle or rectangle) for brushes. PyGame has a really weird way of doing it that I'm not sure would work very well. Is there a way I can write to a bitmap and then use that?

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If there is a way to do it with python generally, that would work too I suppose.

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Another option is to simply hide the cursor, load any arbitrary bitmap that you like and draw it every frame where the cursor is.

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You can load cursors in PyGame with pygame.cursors.load_xbm -- that's black and white cursors only, of course, a well-documented limitation of PyGame, per its docs (and I quote):

Pygame only supports black and white cursors for the system.

For XBM format docs, see e.g. here. You can prep such files e.g. with the PIL library, per its docs.

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Is this the only method available? It doesn't seem like it would provide enough user feedback. I could use hover colors but a cursor seems like a more elegant solution. – SapphireSun Feb 27 '10 at 6:51

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