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My Bar chart is always drawn with a gradient fill. I have a code to fill each bar in a series with a different color. I just want the colors without any effect. I looked at a previous thread but that did not help since it seems to be designed for a default standard code.

Here is my code:

CategoryPlot plot = chart.getCategoryPlot();

CategoryItemRenderer renderer = new MyRenderer();

class MyRenderer extends BarRenderer 
 private Paint[] barColors;
 public MyRenderer() 
    this.barColors = new Paint[] { new Color( 21, 104, 156),  new Color( 25, 149, 104), new Color( 237, 179,20), 
      new Color( 72, 181, 163) }; 
 public Paint getItemPaint(final int row, final int column) 
    // returns color for each column 
    return (this.barColors[column % this.barColors.length]); 

Any help will be appreciated.


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In the BarRenderer class you will find this method:

public static void setDefaultBarPainter(BarPainter painter);

It allows you to change the default bar painter (pass a StandardBarPainter to this method before creating any charts and your charts will have bars without the gradient).

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