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I have setup a trac server and want to add the vote plugin to let the users to vote tickets. The vote plugin in is added.The VOTE_MODIFY permission is assigned to the anonymous user too. But the vote button is not shown. May be due to the paths configuration field is not set as the document mentioned.

There is not example for the path field. I have try to set these values to the path in the trac.ini

paths = ticket/*
# or
paths = /ticket/\d+
# or
paths = .*
# or
# or
paths = .*/ticket/.*
# or
paths = .*ticket.*
# or
paths = [tickets/\d+,]

Any of these are not works. There will be an error complain by the trac. such as

OperationalError: no such column: resource
# or
error: unexpected end of regular expression

So how to set the right value to the field and makes the vote plugin works? Thank in advance!

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