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I have a SQL Server 2008 on a server which goes out on the internet through a domain name computer.example.com, I want to develop a .net app on my PC and to connect to that database through SSMS - to create tables and so on... And I still want a connection string which can be accessed from anywhere - I'm thinking at a http url or something like that - which will be consumed by the app.

What do I must to configure on the server so that I can connect via SSMS to the database (from my PC) and how do I get a connection string to that database?

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you can use Sql Server Configuration Manager for this work. when you run this application, expand the SQL Server Network Configuration, after that you can see Protocols for sql server 2008. by click on it you can enable or disable TCP/IP.

your connection string can be like this :

connectionString="Database=DBName;Server = Server IP;Integrated Security=false;user id=sa; password=Pass;
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