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I try to use this tree menu in taxonomy menu
[tree menu][1]

First I add js files to drupal and i add a node to the tree by using add function
n.add(16, 8, 'mytitle', 'cat/16');
It works well.

The first param is node id and the second is a number referring to the parent node. The value for the root node has to be -1.

But i try use this tree menu in taxonomy menu .

I try to but this JavasSript function in (looping) to print taxonomy menu with this way, but I failed :( because parent number in taxonomy proceed in a manner not in order, so result tree are not arranged!

Any way to print taxonomy like menu Tree manner completely?

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hm.. why do you print it with javascript? Don't you want to use taxonomy_menu module? – milkovsky Aug 2 '13 at 20:32

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