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What I intend to do is to:

  1. Retrieve data from a CSV file
  2. Add those data point by point into ASP.NET chart

I am trying to use CHART.DataBindTable and it isn't working

    Dim 2014_BoilerPressureTable As String = "C:\Users\user1\Desktop\BOILER_Folder\Jan2014.csv"

   Dim PressureTable As DataTable = GetDataTabletFromCSVFile(2014_BoilerPressureTable)

    Chart1.DataSource = PressureTable

    Chart1.Series("Series 1").XValueMember = "Time"
    Chart1.Series("Series 1").YValueMembers = "Pressure"


The CSV File only contains two columns: 1. DATE and TIME 2. PRESSURE (in double format)

Whenever I try this code, the chart area won't plot and an error occurs: A chart element with the name 'Series 1' could not be found in the 'SeriesCollection'.

Please help. Even references and suggestions would be appreciated.


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The reason why my code wasn't working is because I did not add "Series 1" in the series collection before adding the X and Y Values.

I just modified the code a little and voila,

Chart1.Series.Add("Series 1")
Chart1.Series("Series 1").XValueMember = "Time"
Chart1.Series("Series 1").YValueMembers = "Pressure"

Chart1.DataSource = PressureTable
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