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Can I generate entity framework model by clicking button in browser in client-side and save it back to web server PC?

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I tried with edmgen.exe, but haven't got any results yet –  loviji Feb 27 '10 at 12:45
Do you mean to create an object and save it in a database on button click? My other guess is do you mean to generate class in run-time and save it in an assembly on the server? –  Branislav Abadjimarinov Mar 1 '10 at 8:22
I am about process after creating object and saving it in a database. i want to generate EF model from browser by chosing db that located on sql server. after clicking on button, i want that, EF model generated fully and saved on web it possible? Some idea please. –  loviji Mar 1 '10 at 8:42
What exactly do you mean by generating entity framework model? Do you mean creating edmx? Or do you mean creating a regular object from data, and saving it in database? Could you perhaps elaborate on what specifically you are trying to achieve. –  Luhmann Mar 6 '10 at 22:20

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EdmGen is the way to go if you're sure this is the best solution to your problem:

If you're having problems with it could you please post the command line arguments you're using to call it?

You'll have to create a process in your web app (System.Diagnostics.Process) in order to kick off the executable from the browser side.

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As David Neale says EmdGen is an option, if that is really what you want.

There is also EmdGen2, which has the advantage that it is able to work directly with the Edmx file:

EdmGen2 is a command-line tool for the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework. The tool can be used as a replacement for the EdmGen.exe tool that ships with the .Net framework 3.5 SP1. EdmGen.exe can only read and write the CSDL, SSDL & MSL file formats. However, EdmGen2.exe can read and write the EDMX file format used by the Visual Studio design tools. Additionally, EdmGen2.exe can translate between EDMX and CSDL, SSDL & MSL formats, and the source code can act as examples on using the tooling APIs defined in the System.Data.Entity.Design assembly.

Additionaly, EdmGen2.exe contains some experimental functionality not found in EdmGen.exe. Ankit Malpani, an intern with Microsoft Research in summer of 2008, and James Terwilliger, a Post Doc researcher with MSR, updated EdmGen2.exe with the ability to identify inheritance relatationships in relational database schema. You can access this functionality by using the "RetrofitModel" option. The RetrofitModel option connects to a database instance and constructs an EDM model (csdl, msl, ssdl, and edmx files) that includes inheritance. The tool uses data mining techniques to identify TPT and TPH patterns in the database instance, as well as vertical partitioning, and constructs a suitable model and mapping. To use the tool, launch EdmGen2 with the following arguments:

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