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I am completely new to this. I am trying to send a get request to twitter API using python requests. I am using requests-oauth-0.4.1. I am following the instructions here.

    import json
    import requests
    import pandas as pd
    from oauth_hook import OAuthHook

My API key etc are unicode strings in a pandas dataframe:

    In[23]:  oauth_df['API_key'][0]
    Out[23]: u'my API key here'

I create a hook using them:

    OAuthHook.consumer_key = oauth_df['API_key'][0] 
    OAuthHook.consumer_secret = oauth_df['API_secret'][0]
    access_token = oauth_df['Access_token'][0] 
    access_token_secret = oauth_df['Access_token_secret'][0] 
    oauth_hook = OAuthHook(access_token, access_token_secret, header_auth=True)

Then I try to pass the hook to requests

    client =  requests.session(hooks={'pre_request': oauth_hook})

And I get an error that session does not take any arguments TypeError: session() takes no arguments (1 given).

Am I doing something wrong, or is OAuth_Hook somehow broken? Also, if there is quick work-around to pass the hook parameters to requests for a one-time request (as in data = requests.get(url, params=options).text), that will also do for now.


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