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I am trying to solve a problem that could compare 2 columns in a table. the table is as follows

|  from    |    to           |  Country  |
| |  |  denmark  |
| |  |  USA      |

My problem is i have a ip of and i want to compare this to the from and to column and return the country name.

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You mean within it's range? –  Aquillo May 5 at 6:39
You can use ip2long() to convert and compare the ip's php.net/manual/en/function.ip2long.php –  Mattt May 5 at 6:45
Following the comment from Mattt. In case you want to make this comparison more often, it might be helpful to store the long equivalent of from and to in two extra columns to enhance performance of your query. –  Aquillo May 5 at 6:46
Just a suggestion might be using some sort of geoip instead of some homebrewed geoip if thats what you are looking to do. Also you might want to change your from because its a reserved word in MySQL. –  Class May 5 at 6:49
Also, this is the sort of thing that would be much more cleanly stored as a network/subnet mask than an IP address range. Postgres handles that as a built-in type; not sure about MySQL. –  chrylis May 5 at 7:02

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SELECT country FROM table
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+1 on finding / using INET_ATON(), seems to be the MYSQL equivalent of PHP's IP2LONG(). –  Aquillo May 5 at 6:48

You can find using IN() try condition according you use AND or OR

WHERE from IN('your_ip') OR to IN('your_ip')
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select * from db.table

Then in php (assuming you've run the quest and stored results):


for($i=0;$i<$db->getRowCount();$i++) {
    $partsFROM = explode(".", $FROM);
    $partsTO = explode(".", $TO);
    $partsLOOKUP = explode(".",$lookupIP);
        $partsLOOKUP[0] >= $partsFROM[0] && $partsLOOKUP[0] <= $partsTO[0]  
     && $partsLOOKUP[1] >= $partsFROM[1] && $partsLOOKUP[1] <= $partsTO[1]  
     && etc..
    ) return $Country

Not particularly efficient or elegant but you get the idea.

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As i interpret from the question, you can use some mask and get the base ip address and then compare it. To use the mask and get base ip, you need to learn something about different classes (A, B, C, D) used from addressing.

Refer this link http://www.subnet-calculator.com/

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INET_ATON gives desired solution on IPV4 addresses.

Apart from that, you can also try HEX version of the IP to compare in between.

SELECT  HEX( input_ip_value ) 
BETWEEN HEX( from_ip_column ) 
    AND HEX( to_ip_column )


mysql> select @i:=hex(''),
    -> @f:=hex(''),
    -> @t:=hex(''),
    -> @i between @f and @t is_between;
| @i:=hex('') | @f:=hex('') | @t:=hex('')    | is_between |
| 32352E3139352E33322E30 | 32352E302E302E31    | 32352E3235352E3235352E323535 |          1 |
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Select a range:

SELECT Country FROM table_name WHERE ip_address >= from AND to <= ip_address

If you can use a script (eg php) you could select the entire table and make a mask to the IP. Something like:

We can know what belongs to the network address ip as follows:

ip_en_binario = decbin (ip2long ("")); 
mascara_en_binario = decbin (ip2long ("")); 
resultado_en_binario $ = $ & $ mascara_en_binario ip_en_binario; 
miss long2ip (bindec ($ resultado_en_binario)); 

The result returned us this script is, which is the network address to which the IP belongs

Then, you can do a 'SELECT' of your network with "from" and "to" fields.

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Transform IP into integer, then compare integer is simple. MySQL offers the inet_aton function to do so.

select Country from table_name where inet_aton($ip) between inet_aton(`from`) and inet_aton(`ip`);

For performance, you should transform column from, to to integer manully. eg. add to columns from_n, to_n. then your SQL will be like this:

select Country from table_name where inet_aton($ip) between `from_n` and `to_n`

If you are not using MySQL, you should transform $ip into integer $ip_n first (using something like Python's socket.inet_aton), then replace inet_aton($ip) with $ip_n.

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use this query

select Country from table_name where from=to;
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No. this is not a valid answer. from and to are a range of values. You should check if input is within that range. –  Ravinder May 5 at 6:41
I'm guessing he/she means return the country who's range includes the input: i.e. -> denmark –  ioseph May 5 at 6:41
@Ravinder he had just edited his question –  user3091574 May 5 at 6:41

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