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Basically, the title says it all. I am loading content on a page that will autogrow, and I am creating the div elements on page load automatically within tags in the body of the page, like so:

$("<div class=\'product success\'><strong>' . $data['product_title'] . '</strong> inserted into the database successfully using <strong>' . $num_queries . '</strong> queries.</div>").hide().appendTo("body").fadeIn(800, function() {
    $("html,body").animate({ scrollTop: $(this).position().top }, "fast");
    return false;

But the problem with this is that, if I move the scrollbar with my mouse and scroll up the page, it continues to scroll down. Basically, I want to show the new inserts into the database, but I don't want to not be able to see the old inserts until it is completely finished inserting all products. So, basically, I would like to be able to scroll to the top of the page without it scrolling to the bottom on each inserted product. Anyway to tell if the scrollbar is being managed manually and not perform the animation if the scrollbars are being used manually?

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