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Hi i am working on wso2 Enterprise mobility manager, i followed all the steps mentioned here

But i am facing issues with inviting the user , i made email configuration in all congif.json file as below

"email": {

        "companyName": 'Mobilefirst',
        "senderAddress": 'myemail@gmail.com',
        "emailPassword": 'mobility'

also i cannot even remove the user , iam working this on the localhost, can some one point me in right direction.Is it possible to send invite from local host? on it should be in production?Any help is appreciated.

tried with ssl:smtp gmail com and tsl:smtp gmail com giving unknownhostexception smtp gmail com

enter image description here

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Use smtp address as smtp.gmail.com and port number as 25. This should resolve your problem. No need to use the ssl:// prefix.

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