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I have creating project management application and application needed ticketing system but i did not understand how integrate any open source ticketing system and which is better for integration.Please give me any idea, document if any.

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for ticketing system you can try open source ticketing systems like

os Ticket http://osticket.com/

the second part is little confusing, for accessing email you can configure email client or

check this


for a clear answer clarify the question thanks

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Thanks James when i creating mail id using my ipage domain name in iPage mail centre then created web mail box in iPage. I have need to access mail from iPage –  user3345596 May 5 at 8:09
yeah assume you have created ipage mail box . not a mail forward kindly check this user guide this will resolve your doubts ipage.com/support/user-guide/setting-up-email.bml –  james jacob May 5 at 8:14
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