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Is there any way to get the source code by using object file in C?

For example I have a source code simple.c

cc simple.c

Now I have a.out (object file). By this a.out whether can I get the source?

code of simple.c

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There are many useful tools to retrieve information from your executable. None of them is able to give you back the original source code (as some other user pointed out, it's impossible for C), but you can try some reverse engineering tools. My preferred one are:

  • Objdump (part of the "binutils" package)
  • hte (debian packages it as "ht")

With the first one you can actually get all the exported symbols and their relative executable code in terms of assembly (obviously this is true only for the .text sections). The second one is aimed to work with intel architectures, but you will be able to analize every executable file and get information about the ELF sections and symbols.

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No. Turning a cow into hamburger is fairly easy. Turning hamburger into a living cow, somewhat more difficult.

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LoL, turning hamburger into a living cow.. – Soner Gönül May 5 '13 at 13:51
Perhaps because I had the intuition before looking up, this answer is actually helpful! – chet Jul 1 '13 at 22:32
The GCC hambrger compiler was released... – TheDoctor May 22 '14 at 13:26
first off, funny response, secondly, inaccurate analogy. thirdly, getting a cow from a hamburger is possible. With skills and tools, a scientist could take a somatic cell, transfer the DNA to an egg, implant the egg into a mother-cow, and there you go. – 1c1cle Mar 14 at 16:44
@1c1cle: So in your mind that doesn't qualify as "somewhat more difficult" than butchering a cow? – Jerry Coffin Mar 14 at 18:25


With reverse engineering (reading the disassembly) one could reconstruct the logic, but the variable names, comments, etc. will usually be lost.

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The words for the programs you are looking for are "disassembler" (turning the machine language in a.out into assembly language) and "decompiler" (turning assembly language into C, as explained by Dacav, it is much more difficult and the result is never satisfying).

But using a Web search engine with these words may yield results.

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If you're using Linux, use gdb

$gdb a.out

(gdb) list

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