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I'm building a new solution/project. I copied all the files over and moved all the packages over to the packages folder. When I reference them via nuget, it says they are installed, but they are not. If they were, I would see them in the installed tab.

First why does it say installed, next how can I install multiple packages at once, instead of doing it individually. I have like 10+ packages I need to install. This is pain in the ass, if I have to install each individually. We should be able to run a command that checks to see if all the packages in the package folder have been installed, if not, install them. Is there a command for this?

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Use nuget.exe for this. see following question and google search

nuget install packages.config 

Or with NuGet 2.7 you can restore allpackages in the solution using the command line.

nuget restore YourSolution.sln
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