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I have HTML with some node like this

<span>Website: http://example.com</span>

I want to get the text http://example.com and I can extract it with xpath

substring-after(//span[contains(.,'Website:')],'Website: ')

With Ruby and Nokogiri to extract this info by

doc.xpath("substring-after(//span[contains(.,'Website: ')],'Website: ')")

But if I use

doc.at_xpath("substring-after(//span[contains(.,'Website: ')],'Website: ')")

Then it returns

NoMethodError: undefined method `first' for "http://example.com":String

But I don't want to use doc.xpath I want to use doc.at_xpath 'cause I don't want to rewrite my function.

How could I do that? Any suggest? Thank you.

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Note that substring-after(//span[contains(.,'Website:')],'Website: ') contains a bug. You should use either 'Website:' or 'Website: ' consistently. –  Tomalak May 5 at 9:33
You means the text in contains(.,'Website:') and 'Website: ' is different then it can make a bug? –  neo0 May 5 at 9:44
Yes, obviously. If a string contains 'Website:' then it's entirely possible that it does not contain 'Website: ', and therefore also no substring-after() it. –  Tomalak May 5 at 9:48
Oh I see. I update my question. Thank you. –  neo0 May 5 at 9:51

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