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Not really sure how to explain this, but I'm having problems with my Visual Studio 2013 (web) version, when i load the .exe, the program loads but the start page doesn't load properly, only shows little parts, the rest is just grey:

A screenshot

But also when i try to create a new project, when the window pops up, it won't let me select anything in the window, therefore i cannot use Visual Studio 2013

I have tried reinstalling, the software will work first time, but not after that.

Sometimes when i restart, if i load the software straight away, it sometimes works but not always.

It's getting rather annoying now as i really want to learn to develop ASP.NET.

Does anyone have a solution, or may know why it is doing this?

Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, not entirely sure how to explain it, and as i don't have enough rep i can't post SS.

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Have you updated all the .net libraries? Also, it may be worth trying the 2010 web version to see if that works. The download is on the same page. –  Ryan Vincent May 5 at 9:50
Can you try and run VS as administrator (Right click on the shortcut and select run as administrator). Unlikely but maybe there is a permission error. –  HeXanon May 5 at 10:19
Running as administrator does the same, not tried 2010 but maybe i'll just revert to that if i can't find a fix. –  bulleh May 6 at 17:25

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