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I have some asp textboxs in a div container. I just want to clear those when i am clicking the CLEAR button.

I say common class 'text' for all textboxes and then wrote this jQuery


It's not working ..

How to do this ? I need the most efficient code .

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$('a.clearButton').bind('click', function() {
    $('#divId input').val('');


  1. You should use val() instead of text().

  2. You are asking for efficient code - and using class selector is not efficient.

    Either use id, or add tag name.

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just a note.. it will remove the values of the button if anything present inside '#divId' –  Sekar Apr 16 '12 at 6:34

If you need to clear text boxes values alone, you can change the code like this:



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$('#yourcontainerid input:checked').removeAttr('checked');
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this will work successfully

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Please use the edit link below your answer and use its "code formatting" feature to clearly distinguish your machine code/text from your answer text. –  nop77svk Dec 9 '14 at 9:41


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