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I want to open file explorer in browser using anchor tag. I have write below code for that but it did not work for me.

you can find link at

<a href="file://///IP address/new_folder/New%20folder/test">test file link</a>

I have installed LocalLinks addon in Firefox and chrome but it did not work for me.

I have also update security setting of firefox (v 28.0 ubuntu 12.04) as below but it did not work

Type about:config into the Location bar and hit Enter. Find the entry for security.checkloaduri and change its value to false by double-clicking it. Then, restart your browser.

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This will not work for Chrome, Safari or Opera. –  BenEgan1991 May 5 at 10:14
why ? please give me solution for it. previously it works fine but currently it not working –  Harry May 5 at 10:17

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