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I have lots of mp3s on my site that I want my friends to be able to play only- but I don't want them all downloading as soon as the page opens and would prefer them to only start downloading into the buffer if someone wants to play it- is this possible with the embed tag? I can't seem to find anything on Google so I am wondering if it's something I'll have to do in JavaScript or think of an HTML work around.


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Do you have to use an Embed Tag, or are you open to JS only solutions? – BigBlondeViking Aug 18 '09 at 15:23

You can use javascript to construct the embeds and insert them into the DOM when a user clicks a button or something similar.

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You will want to use the Object tag vs. the Embed tag for one, but that said, don't set the auto-play option and they won't load until requested.

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If you want a really simple fix - don't embed the music files just have links to them. Then a user won't have the file download until they click on them (this is what does for the podcasts...).

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If you have time on your hands you can go for my solution... I created a separate html page for each song and used the embed tag on each. Then I just created links to the pages to open in a new window. I know... hack! But it works well, and the other related links go along with it in the new window for each song.

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You could always try out Yahoo Media Player,

You just make link to the mp3s and they can play them at their own pace.

I have seen this used for PodCasts, and Playlists of Mp3s its very handy and free.

<a href="">First link</a>
<a href="">Second link</a>
<a href="">Third link</a>

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Simple :)

You can even add album art and manipulate the order the mp3s are added to the playlist thru simple html.

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