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<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="x" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/xml" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="sql" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/sql" %>

<title>JSTL sql:query Tag</title>

<sql:setDataSource var="snapshot" driver="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
     user="root"  password="root"/>

<sql:query dataSource="${snapshot}" var="result">
SELECT * from dateinfo;

<table border="1" width="100%">
<th>Emp ID</th>
<th>First Name</th>
<th>Last Name</th>
<c:forEach var="row" items="${result.rows}">
<td><c:out value="${row.id}"/></td>
<td><c:out value="${row.first}"/></td>
<td><c:out value="${row.last}"/></td>
<td><c:out value="${row.age}"/></td>


when i execute this program exception occur....

    javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Unable to get 
connection, DataSource invalid: "java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mydb"

even i can include mysqlconnector.jar,jstl.jar and standard.jar file in my netbeans project also add all the liberary please help me...

Any help would be highly appreciated

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Can you post your project structure? –  San Krish May 5 at 11:13
Are you trying the example from tutorials point ? –  San Krish May 5 at 11:19
yes this is tutorials point example –  user3603951 May 6 at 12:01
actuly my netbeans cant fire the exception Unable to initialize TldLocationsCache so what to do?plz help me –  user3603951 May 6 at 12:06
Remove standard.jar its no more needed . Have you created a dyanamic web application project using netbeans ? –  San Krish May 6 at 12:09

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