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I want to make a link that would run ssms.exe , login and open a .sql file.

However this: SSMS.exe -E -d AB2014 work fine

when this SSMS.exe -E -d AB2014 "C:\Users\Kazz\Desktop\AB2014\SQLQuery.sql" opens the .sql 'file' but fails to login...

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Could you explain your motivation for opening the file? Is it so open a file and connect to the server automatically, or to execute the SQL automatically? –  David Atkinson May 6 at 14:33
no, i don't want to execute it yet, i just want to have it shown in a tab. I'm simply wonder why giving a file name suddenly stop the prog from logging. –  Kazz May 6 at 18:53

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For my money, the tool to use when I just want to run a file (instead of have an interactive session with the server) is sqlcmd.exe. In your situation, it'd go something like:

sqlcmd -E -d AB2014 -i "C:\Users\Kazz\Desktop\AB2014\SQLQuery.sql" -S someServer
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no, i don't want to run the .sql –  Kazz May 6 at 18:58
Then why do you need it to automatically log in? Either way, it looks like you're not specifying a server name; you can do so with -S. –  Ben Thul May 6 at 19:49

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