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Is there any standard approach how to configure android application with custom settings?

Users will not use Android market to install out application. They will download apk files from some local site in local network.

Our android application will communicate with server side application.
Different clients(corporate clients) will use different URLs of server side applications.

We need to setup correct URL of server side application, during installation of android application on user's phone/tablet. It would be better to set correct URL automatically without interaction with user.
How to do it?

One approach - create different apk files for different clients.
But I do not like it. We do not know all correct URLs of server side application.

Second approach: - Create one apk file. - Put apk file to some application located on client's server. - Unpack apk file on client's server and put correct URL into some resource file. - Pack and sign apk file again. As result we will have custom apk file with correct URL of server side application inside. User will install such apk on phone/tablet and application will connect to server side without any interaction with user.
Is the second approach correct?
Is it possible to re-pack apk files at all?

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