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My organisation ran an SVN repository server for 2 years. This server died in November; we didn't loose any files thanks to the local copies, but we lost the history, which is obviously a shame.

I still have my local repository copies and I'd like to know whether I can regain the SVN Log from this local copy. Usually for running SVN log a server connection is required, so the question is, is it possible to get the log without server?

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I assume you've already gotten the backup lecture. –  bendin Feb 28 '10 at 17:49

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Generally speaking, no: log entries are stored as so-called "Revision Properties" SVN on the server.

You can, however, try to extract log entries from caches of an SVN client you were using -- as far as I know, TortoiseSVN caches log entries somewhere. SmartSVN does that as well.

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That's correct, but I assume when the OP is talking about the log, he meant the history/revisions and not the log messages. –  M4N Feb 27 '10 at 12:02

The log is not stored in local copies : those only store the current copy you're working on (i.e. the last copy you checked out).

So, no, you cannot get the SVN log from a local extraction.

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