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I am trying to replace strings in R in a large number of texts.

Essentially, this reproduces the format of the data from which I try to delete the '\n' parts.

document <- as.list(c("This is \\na try-out", "And it \\nfails"))

I can do this with a loop and gsub but it takes forever. I looked at this post for a solution. So I tried: temp <- apply(document, 2, function(x) gsub("\\n", " ", fixed=TRUE)). I also used lapply, but it also gives an error message. I can't figure this out, help!

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not sure whats wrong with just gsub("\\n", " ", document, fixed=TRUE) –  David Arenburg May 5 at 12:00
I forgot to add some useful information here. The gsub("\\n", " ", document, fixed = TRUE) solution destroys the formatting of the list. I need the two lines to appear as two different lines of a list. –  user3604060 May 5 at 12:19
See answer below if it solves your problem –  David Arenburg May 5 at 12:24

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use lapply if you want to return a list

document <- as.list(c("This is \\na try-out", "And it \\nfails"))
temp <- lapply(document, function(x) gsub("\\n", " ", x, fixed=TRUE))
##[1] "This is  a try-out"

##[1] "And it  fails"
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Thanks a lot. Both suggestions were very helpful, it seemed my initial attempt with lapply missed the ", x", part. –  user3604060 May 5 at 12:33
@user3604060, if this answer you question, please select it as one. Thank you. Also, you used apply not lapply –  David Arenburg May 5 at 12:34

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