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How can I display a language according to the user's browser's language inside this mini-framework for my multilingual website?

Basically, it has to display the default language of the user if there's no cookies.

Example of index.php: (rendered output)

<h2><?php echo l('tagline_h2'); ?></h2>

common.php: (controller of which language to output)

header('Cache-control: private'); // IE 6 FIX

$lang = $_GET['lang'];

// register the session and set the cookie
$_SESSION['lang'] = $lang;

setcookie("lang", $lang, time() + (3600 * 24 * 30));
else if(isSet($_SESSION['lang']))
$lang = $_SESSION['lang'];
else if(isSet($_COOKIE['lang']))
$lang = $_COOKIE['lang'];
$lang = 'en';

//use appropiate lang.xx.php file according to the value of the $lang
switch ($lang) {
  case 'en':
  $lang_file = 'lang.en.php';

  case 'es':
  $lang_file = 'lang.es.php';

  case 'tw':
  $lang_file = 'lang.tw.php';

  case 'cn':
  $lang_file = 'lang.cn.php';

  $lang_file = 'lang.en.php';

//translation helper function
function l($translation) {
 global $lang;
 return $lang[$translation]; }

include_once 'languages/'.$lang_file;

Example of /languages/lang.en.php: (where multilingual content is being stored)

$lang = array(
 'tagline_h2' => '...',
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Duplicate of duplicate of duplicate: stackoverflow.com/search?q=browser+language+php –  Gordon Feb 27 '10 at 12:15
@Gordon, it says "in this mini-framework". –  alexchenco Feb 27 '10 at 12:23
What's your question then? Do you want to know how to get the browser language (duplicate) or do you want to know where to put the code for getting the browser language? –  Gordon Feb 27 '10 at 12:50

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Here is very good class for checking and even getting best match against supported languages:


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