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I have an application with an command/handler based architecture. I have the following interface:

public interface ICommandHandler<TCommand>
    void Handle(TCommand command);

There are many non-generic implementations of this interface. Those implementations are wrapped by generic decorators such as:

public class ProfilingCommandHandlerDecorator<TCommand> : ICommandHandler<TCommand>
    private readonly ICommandHandler<TCommand> decoratee;

    public ProfilingCommandHandlerDecorator(ICommandHandler<TCommand> decoratee)
        this.decoratee = decoratee;

    public void Handle(TCommand command)
        // do profiling here
        // aaand here.

Some of these decotators however should be applied conditionally based on the flag in the config file. I found this answer that refers to applying non-generic decorators conditionally; not about generic decorator. How can we achieve this with generic decorators in Autofac?

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This most like involves implementing your own IRegistrationSource. If you pull the code for Autofac and look at OpenGenericDecoratorRegistrationSource, that should get you on the right track.

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