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I have a weird situation. I embed assemblies as resources into another assembly. In the project, you see the 5 nested assemblies in a folder. You can view their properties and see that they are Embedded Resource. I checked these DLLs into source control.

Since these DLLs come from other projects in the solution, they get updated every time I rebuild the solution (it's a pre-build event). This leads to merge conflicts on almost every check-in. Right now we are just selecting which version of the DLL to keep (it really doesn't matter). This is annoying.

I really don't want these DLLs in source control since they are replaced every time I build anyway. I just need to make sure the project knows to go out and embed them as part of the build process. Since the DLLs need to be part of the .csproj in order to specify they are embedded assemblies, I don't know what to do.

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