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I am trying to add a Google calendar through the add by URL method. I receive a generic error of "Failed to add imported calendar at 'my URL' for 'my username' " from Google calendar. The URL I'm adding to Google calls a Restful service that sends back a .ics file. I am able to validate my URL here: and here: What is it that Google calendar is expecting to receive that I am missing?

These are the contents of the .ics file I am returning:

PRODID:-//Bryan G LLC//Bryan G Calendar 2014.4.30//EN
X-WR-CALNAME:Bryang Calendar
SUMMARY:Burns JRSR High School FH C V Home Rocky Mountain High School 
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I thought you can just include the fields as the URL params. You don't really need to use ics. – Henry May 5 '14 at 17:00
I wouldn't be able to generate the fields as URL parameters since in some cases I would be sending up to 50 calendar entries. I did however attempt to pass the information without the file with the same result. – user3338432 May 5 '14 at 18:27

Ok, so this is the weirdest. I ran into more or less the same issue: have an ics feed, tried to add it to Google Calendar with "Add by url", got generic error "Failed to add imported calendar".

I searched the web, found a couple of related unresolved questions from some time ago. Lots of people complaining about the unpredictability of this functionality.

Among the things suggested, I tried messing with the headers, including the feed as a file attachment, actually writing a file to disk and give Google Calendar a static link. Nothing worked. At some point I finally noticed that Google Calendar wasn't even trying to fetch the feed, as no hit reached the url, and no log would show on the server.

So I began testing with a request bin and with a local tunnel. Still got nothing. In the end, I opened the browser console to try and have a look at the requests made by the Google Calendar website when you press "add by url" ... and my feed got imported!

I have no logical explanation for that. I wish I had a perfect answer for all Google Calendar "Add By Url" issues, but at this point I can only add my own experience in hope it proves useful to someone else with the same struggle.

Now my feed is built with the excellent Sabre/vObject library. But it doesn't even get validated by any online validators. I tend to think those are outdated and my feed is actually pretty fine. Furthermore, I had no issue importing this same feed in Mac's iCal, and to import its events in Google Calendar with the "Import file" option.

My take on this is that Google Calendar uses "caching" a lot, and that the hardest part is to get your feed in the system. Once it's there, you should be fine. The fact that icalendar feeds only get updated every 8 hours or so is well known and documented. Maybe opening the chrome inspector actually helped. Stranger things have happened.

What I can confirm however, is that most other things don't matter: I don't use file attachment, and the header reads "Content-Type: text/calendar; charset=UTF-8". My feed is not perfect, it has some empty UIDs for example. Also, the server hit that actually made it work was issued at the time I succeeded in importing the feed, so no time factor in play here, and the IP was from Google, so no client side fetching for instance.

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