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i am trying to find broken links by using


but the problem is it only find links present on a home page. is there any way to find directory of all the links available on a webpage?

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Can you be more specific? That should find all the anchor tags on the present page; what behavior are you seeing? –  Elliott Frisch May 5 at 13:47
@ElliottFrisch right now it only find url's on home page let say "abc.com" but there are many links present under those url's. how to get those links? is there any method to do this? –  Learning code May 5 at 14:23
possible duplicate of Function to find all the links on a webpage using java? –  olyv May 5 at 14:29
possible duplicate of How to find broken links using Selenium –  Elliott Frisch May 5 at 14:46
@ElliottFrisch no these are not duplicates. "How to find broken links using Selenium" - this only find links on the main page but what i am asking how to loop all the links(sub links) on a web page. –  Learning code May 5 at 14:54

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List down all the links


Then load each url on new browser window or same window and do this recursively. Keep adding new links and add only new links in list.

If you have other option better use Java/Perl for this task.

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