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I have this svn structure:

project1 \ tags
         \ trunk \ ... \ libraries \ lib1
                                   \ lib2
         \ branch

project2 \ tags
         \ trunk \ .. \ external_folder = trunk(project1) \ .. \ libraries \ lib1
                                                                           \ lib2
         \ branch

Someday i have used in project1 some libraries like STM32 or FAT Filesystem. Instead of creating an own project called "external libs" and using SVN:externals, i let them stay and used them in an external folder via SVN:externals in project2. Now some time has passed and i want to "clean up" my repository. Is there a way to migrate-copy this external folder into an "external libs" project while keeping the history? The desired structure is shown below:

external_libs \ lib1 \ tags
                     \ trunk
                     \ branch

              \ lib2 \ tags
                     \ trunk
                     \ branch

project1 \ tags
         \ trunk \ ... \ libraries (extern) \ lib1
                                            \ lib2
         \ branch

Ah, by the way: i use win7 as operating system and tortoise svn and visualSVN server.

Thanks for your answers in advance :)

Regards, Aureon

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For external_libs repo I'll suggest to use inverted hierarchy


Short answer

Yes, keeping history of changes in lib* in new repository is possible

Longer answer

You can move data and all related revisions of \ libraries\lib* into new repository, but it will require to use tools outside of TortoiseSVN. Namely: you must to create dump of repository-part (svnadmin dump ...| svndumpfilter ... or just svnrdump dump URL) and loading this dump (svnadmin load --ignore-uuid --parent-dir ...) into new repository. After load you have to change all externals definition in project1

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Thank you for your answer, i will try it out and mail back when it works! :) – Aureon May 6 '14 at 11:51
As stated here:… i used svn move. Thank you for your support + suggestung an inverted hierarchy! – Aureon May 19 '14 at 9:14

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