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I have a code that is creating and capturing a jpg file. However, it tends to come out with two different image sizes. This becomes a problem when I want to make the jpg files into a movie. I have set PaperPosition and a few other things as well, but it still comes out with two image sizes. The image size change seems random since if I run the code twice, an image that had one of the sizes before could have the other size now.

nFrames = 8797; % Number of frames. Number of days between 1/1/1990 and 1/31/2014
for k = 1:nFrames % 1/1/1990 to the number of days.
    % Map of conterminous US
    ax = figure(1);
    set(ax, 'visible', 'off', 'units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1]); %  Make window that shows up full sized, which makes saved figure clearer
    ax = usamap('conus');
    states = shaperead('usastatelo', 'UseGeoCoords', true,...
        {@(name) ~any(strcmp(name,{'Alaska','Hawaii'})), 'Name'});
    faceColors = makesymbolspec('Polygon',...
        {'INDEX', [1 numel(states)], 'FaceColor', 'none'}); % NOTE - colors are random
    geoshow(ax, states, 'DisplayType', 'polygon', ...
        'SymbolSpec', faceColors)
    framem off; gridm off; mlabel off; plabel off

    hold on

    % Plot data
    scatterm(ax,str2double(Lat_O3{k}), str2double(Lon_O3{k}), 40, str2double(data_O3{k})*1000, 'filled'); % Plot a dot at each Lat and Lon
    hold on

    % Colorbar
    caxis([10 90]);
    h = colorbar;

    % Title
    % date = datenum(2007, 04, 29) + k; % Convert t into serial numbers.
    title(['O3 MDA8 Concentration ', datestr(cell2mat(date_O3(k)), 'mmm dd yyyy')]); % Title changes every daytitle(str);

    % Capture the frame
    mov(k) = getframe(gcf); % Makes figure window pop up

    % Set size of image

    size = get(gcf,'Position');
    size = size(3:4);


    % Save as jpg (just specify other format as necessary) - Must set 'facecolor' to 'none' or else color of states turn out black
    eval(['print -djpeg map_US_' datestr(cell2mat(date_O3(k)),'yyyy_mm_dd') '_O3_MDA8.jpg']);
    % saveas(gca, ['WI_' datestr(cell2mat(Date)) '_PM25.jpg']);


% Save as AVI file - Set 'facecolor' to 'white'. It looks better.

How can I set the image size (hopefully to full screen like I tried to do in set(ax, ...) so that when I save the jpg files, they are all the same size?

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I have had some success using subplot('position',[0 0 1 1]); which basically plots "in the full window". Also - it is possible that the size changes if the contents of axis labels etc. changes. Did you try to plot with all axes off? –  Floris May 5 at 14:18
Where did you place the subplot command? I don't have axes on do I? Where? –  shizishan May 6 at 3:56
I place subplot after creating a figure, and before creating a plot: figure; subplot('position',[0 0 1 1]); plot(X, Y); axes off; . I admit to not being familiar with the geo plotting routines so this may not apply in your case. Hard to reproduce your problem without pictures or data. –  Floris May 6 at 4:17

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You can simply resize the image to whatever size you want, so you know it will be constant.

B = imresize(A, [numrows numcols])

Look at the imresize documentation if you have other particular questions about it.

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I am not sure whether the problem is in the number of data points in the image, or in the way the plot appears on the screen... –  Floris May 5 at 14:19
Neither am I, but if the above code is implemented and it is still generating odd image size, then we know it is not that. –  MZimmerman6 May 5 at 14:32
just casting out a line, seeing if something bites :) –  MZimmerman6 May 5 at 14:34
I think that OP is using scatterm which is a funny kind of "geographical scatter plot". As such I'm not sure what A would be in his case. –  Floris May 5 at 14:34
@Floris True. But what could be done is resizing the handle it output. Maybe something like h = scatterm(..), set(h,'Position',[50,50,10,100]) –  MZimmerman6 May 5 at 19:39

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