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In perl, I would like to be able to do this:

$switches = "is";
$regexp = "\\d";
if ($string =~ m/$regexp/$switches) {
 do something...

In other words, how can I make "$switches" optional at run-time? (The user can choose from a variety of options for the search)

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what kind of switches? you mean command-line args? ./foo.pl arg1 -arg2=foo? –  Marc B May 5 at 14:15
@Marc B, Match operator flags –  ikegami May 5 at 14:15

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if ($string =~ /(?$flags:$pattern)/) {

Note: This won't work if $pattern is a compiled pattern (i.e. produced by qr//) rather than a string since it's the flags passed to qr// that affect a pattern compiled with qr//. You would have to pass the flags to qr// rather than m//.

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Thanks, @ikegami. Very clear answer. –  sploiber May 5 at 14:29

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