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what is Cloud computing exact? I have read the Wikipedia but still not sure that I understand how it actually works

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It basically means that the resources used for computing are done on the Internet, in a manner that is transparent to the user (programmers, DBAs etc).

By transparent I mean that details of the underlying hardware and operating system are unknown to the user and do not matter.

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Cloud computing is new term and now both in research and practical area many topics are going on. First Check here, and if you want to have better understanding how it works or what it deals you have to get some knowledge in :

  • Important Existing Cloud Offerings
  • Amazon EC2
  • Google App Engine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Background on Data Centers
  • Cloud Economics
  • Pricing
  • Resource Management
  • Networking,Storage
  • Management Concerns
  • Programming Models
  • Security and Privacy
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