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i install elrang on amazon ec2 - on freebsd 10

fetch http://www.erlang.org/download/otp_src_17.0.tar.gz
gunzip -c otp_src_17.0.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd otp_src_17.0
./configure --disable-hipe
gmake install

and have error

configure: error: Perl is required to generate v2 to v1 mib converter script
configure: error: /bin/sh '/usr/home/ec2-user/otp_src_17.0/lib/snmp/./configure' failed for snmp/.
configure: error: /bin/sh '/usr/home/ec2-user/otp_src_17.0/lib/configure' failed for lib

how install erlang on freebsd 10?

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Use either packages ("pkg install erlang"), or ports (cd /usr/ports/lang/erlang && make install). Software often requires patches to make it run correctly, and ports/packages take care of that. They also automatically take care of dependencies, and that seems to be the root cause of your problem: you don't have perl installed.

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trasz thank it's work, by default install erlang 16.b , how i install erlang 17? –  soft-developer May 5 at 20:44
comman - cd /usr/ports/lang/erlang && make install - give me error /usr/ports/lang/erlang: No such file or directory. –  soft-developer May 5 at 20:49
@soft-developer I'm afraid you're out of luck - you just need to wait until the newer version is available. As for the "No such file or directory" problem - do you actually have ports installed? Note you can install it either from binary package (pkg install ruby), or via ports; use "portsnap fetch extract" to install the ports tree. –  trasz May 17 at 15:16

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