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i want to retrieve following urls with a regex:



the difference is the ending. the first one omits the &ptype=PF and the last one includes it.

at the moment im using this pattern:

 protected $uriPattern = '/http:\/\/www\.getty\.edu\/vow\/.*?\?find=&place=&nation=&english=Y&subjectid=......./i';

but that works only for the first one.

i wonder how the regex pattern would look like for the preg_match_all to match both of them. thanks for help.

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If there is an optional part in the strings you are matching, you can add (optional)?, in your case (&ptype=PF)?.

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Try this

protected $uriPattern = '/http:\/\/www\.getty\.edu\/vow\/.*?\?find=&place=&nation=&english=Y&subjectid=.......(&ptype=PF){0,1}/i';
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I was going to suggest the more succinct


The forward slashes are not special in either PHP nor RegEx, and thus do not need to be escaped, and the ID could be a different length.

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i thought that too..but i dont get why using .+ wont work! i tried .+?, (.)+?, (,)+ too but it doesnt work. – ajsie Feb 27 '10 at 16:34
how about using a (reasonable) range for the ID then: subjectid=[0-9]{1,10} – Synetech Feb 28 '10 at 17:03

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