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I have the following page (Yes, I know it's slow right now), but I need to rearrange the "dealers" under the correct states. Some of them are in the wrong location, using jquery I need to remove them and place them under the correct headers (There are no wrapping containers for each state).

I'm having a hard time doing this, how would I remove each Dealer (they have their own containers) with a data variable with the State value under the h4 with the matching state value? The data variable is data-state for each location and h4..

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What have you tried? Can you setup a fiddle for us to experiment with? – Jay Blanchard May 5 '14 at 17:15
Sounds like something that should be done server side, or i misunderstand your issue – A. Wolff May 5 '14 at 17:16
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This will detach all of those dealerContainers, then append them back in their correct locations.

  .each(function(i,e) {
    var state = $(e).data('state');
    var stateh5 = $('h5[data-state='+state+']');
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