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I have a following MySQL with two parameters, $catname and $limit=1. And it is working fine.

SELECT P.*, C.Name AS CatName 
                   FROM omc_product AS P
                   LEFT JOIN omc_category AS C
                   ON = P.category_id
                   WHERE C.Name = '$catname'
                   AND p.status = 'active'
                   ORDER BY RAND()
                   LIMIT 0, $limit

Now I want to add another parameter $order. $order can be either



ORDER BY product_order

in the table omc_product.

Could anyone tell me how to write this query please?

Thanks in advance.

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What are the criteria for choosing one above the other? O, and: is this related to PHP as well? You should tag it accordingly then. – Decent Dabbler Feb 27 '10 at 15:28

Taken from the comments to this MySQL 5.0 reference article:

You can ORDER BY a dynamic column_name parameter using a CASE expression in the ORDER BY clause of the SELECT statement:

CREATE PROCEDURE `orderby`(IN _orderby VARCHAR(50))

  SELECT id, first_name, last_name, birthday
  FROM table

  -- numeric columns
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'id' THEN id END ASC,
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'desc_ id' THEN id END DESC,
  -- string columns
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'first_name' THEN first_name WHEN 'last_name' THEN last_name END ASC,
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'desc_first_name' THEN first_name WHEN 'desc_last_name' THEN last_name END DESC,
  -- datetime columns
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'birthday' THEN birthday END ASC,
  CASE _orderby WHEN 'desc_ birthday' THEN birthday END DESC;

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