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When I use catalyst.pl to auto-generate my application, the AUTHOR section of the POD includes only my name like this.

 Kiffin Gish,,,

What are the missing fields and how can I use them? Is it possible to use another boilerplate for the PODs?

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A link would have been nice... do you mean search.cpan.org/dist/Catalyst-Runtime/script/catalyst.pl? –  toolic Feb 27 '10 at 20:15

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It's using the GECOS field from your line in the passwd file (courtesy of getpwuid). You can change the author name that shows up by setting the AUTHOR environment variable, although this doesn't seem documented. As for overriding the entire thing: not so much, unless you want to write your own catalyst.pl that uses a custom subclass of Catalyst::Helper, or submit the patch to -Runtime to let everyone do that.:)

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