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I am coding a PHP-based music social network (doesn't matter now) and I have recently coded a messaging system. Now, I would like the section of the page that displays the messages to refresh automatically (along with its PHP) every few seconds, I guess that's clear. I am not very advanced in coding, but any help would be really appreciated. :)

I know how to refresh the page, but I am clueless how to refresh a div (optimally without using an iframe).

The PHP part of the code that downloads messages from the db, the part that I'd like to autorefresh (sorry for the lame var names):

mysql_query("UPDATE wizztune_messages SET seen='1' WHERE (`to`='$uid' and `from`='$friendid')");
$messages=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM wizztune_messages WHERE (`from`='$friendid' and `to`='$uid') or (`from`='$uid' and `to`='$friendid') ORDER BY id DESC");
while ($rowmessages=mysql_fetch_array($messages)) {
    if ($rowmessages['from']=="$uid")   {
    if ($rowmessages['from']!=="$uid")  {
    echo "<a href=\"profile.php?id=$currentit\">$uname</a> <font color=\"#A0A0A0\">($rowmessages[date]):</font> $rowmessages[message]<BR /><br />";

Note: ive seen other threads but none answers my question

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You cannot execute PHP code on a page that has already loaded. You can, however, send an AJAX request to a PHP page. –  pmandell May 5 at 18:32
Please read about preventing code injection. Both your SQL and your HTML appear to be vulnerable to this type of attack. –  Dark Falcon May 5 at 18:34
Thanks guys. I never used AJAX, but I guess I'll try it. Thanks for the thread duplicate label, but my problem is that it's based on PHP. ._. –  user3453428 May 5 at 19:02
I know that your problem is based on PHP but you asked how to refresh a div without refreshing the entire page. That is why you got the duplicate label. It is nothing personal, it just points to a resource where the question has already been answered. –  Jay Blanchard May 5 at 19:18

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